We would like to thank all the national and international friends and supporters who have helped us in this difficult times. We have been able to provide effective medical treatment and relief aid to the earthquake survivors and we will continue to do so. Your valuable support is making all the differences 


dr ram"This is a war without enemy which caused widespread loss of lives and destruction. It is now time to rally around and bounce back. We need to take charge and change where and when we can. The world has seen our resilience and our compassion in this period of adversity, it is now time we show our unity and strength. Cooperation is key to working together. We can turn this difficulty into endless opportunities to rebuild a better, sustainable and more harmonious society for our future generations. At Dhulikhel Hospital and Kathmandu University, we have put in place the 3R; RETURNING the recuperated survivors home, helping them in REBUILDING and in their REHABILITATION process. We are already well on our way to this. We have had encouraging national and international support for which we are deeply grateful, I know that together, we can rise again one step at a time."

Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha
Vice Chancellor
Kathmandu University

 Dr Koju"These two weeks have been some of the most challenging as well as the most rewarding. The earthquake that created such devastation brought out the best in us. I am proud of our staff, students and community members who left everything to help and treat the injured first, even in such challenging and limited condition. We managed to provide quality medical treatment to more than 1600 patients, 2800 surgeries have been performed till date with some injured needing as many as three surgeries. We have had overwhelming support from all sectors of the society in the wake of the earthquake. On behalf of Dhulikhel Hospital, I would like to thank all our supporters most sincerely for their valuable assistance during this difficult time. We are now shifting our efforts towards rehabilitation and rebuilding and in improving our infrastructure and resources towards strengthening our disaster management capability for the future."


Prof. Dr. Rajendra Koju
Administrative Director
Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital


Entrance Examination Result of PCL Nursing 2015

KUSMS PG MDS/MD/MS Merit list for interview

MDS Merit list for interview

MD/MS (Clinical) Merit list for interview

MD/MS (Basic) Merit list for interview

Building a model village in Manekharka

List of supporters KOSHIS-Garey Pachhi Huncha


Dhulikhel Hospital Plans

1. Documentation of Earthquake Survivors in DH -information collection, preparing reports, proposals and its dissemination. 

2. Ongoing Activities of DH 
    i. Medical aid : Providing superior medical treatment to earthquake survivors in Dhulikhel Hospital, outreach centre areas and earthquake affected 

ii. Relief aids: Handing over relief packages to earthquake survivors who are discharged from DH as well as those living in outreach centers and earthquake affected areas.

Our next programs:

i. Rehabilitation Programs: 

    a. Prevention of Disease Outbreaks                                                                         
        • Water Sanitation and hygiene programs including tap construction,                     
           latrine construction, water purification etc.                                                          

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Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015, that affected more than 8 million people killing more than seven thousand and counting. Whole villages have been wiped out. Thousands of people are still homeless and need immediate medical and basic aid. Most of these patients have lost their homes; many are still missing while others are still buried under the rubbles. There is frantic search for missing loved ones. We, at Dhulikhel Hospital, have been focused on saving lives round the clock since the earthquake that happened on Saturday (April 25, 2015). We commenced our free medical services immediately after the earthquake and varieties of injuries, trauma, wound, and factures have been treated here. Even during the aftershocks, the doctors did not stop their service. We expect many more victims to arrive over the next few days so we have prepared and alerted our medical team accordingly.

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