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Earthquake Survivors at Dhulikhel Hospital- their story


'Why did you bring fruits, there is no one left to eat it' said my brother-in law when I went to see him in Chautara. I lost six members of my family to the earthquake. My two nieces had new born babies. They could have escaped if they had not gone to save the baby first. The house fell on them and they all died. When the earthquake appened, I don't remember how I got down, I had forgotten to shut off the gas stove, I could not stay in the house, my husband and son are busy rescuing others so I came to the hospital the day after the earthquake. I could feel useful here and forget about my troubles for a while.'
Lal Kumari Khatri, Senior Nurse
Family Planning and Immunization, Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Hospital
Her house is unliveable and she is currently staying in a rented apartment. She has been diligently working in the hospital caring for the injured since Sunday 26th April, 2015



'I heard him calling me from the debris, at first I could not locate where he was trapped. Our house had fallen on top of him, my other son died still trapped. After 45 minutes, I finally found him and got him out. He cannot move his legs. We finally managed to come to the hospital today.'
Padma Bahadur Majhi, Sindhupalchowk
May 6, 2015


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'I cannot move my leg and I am in a lot of pain, I am scared to go back, there is nothing left’ says fifty six year old Maya Tamang from Banskharka, Sindhulpalchok who lost her daughter and her grandson in the earthquake which buried her alive in her home. She endured six painful hours of being slowly crushed by the heavy stones and wooden beams before her neighbours finally managed to dig her out. She was brought to the hospital in a helicopter by the Nepal Army. She also suffers from a broken arm and is awaiting surgery in the hospital.'
Maya Tamang, Banskarkha, Sindhupalchowk
5th May 2015



‘I lost everything, I have nothing left’ says thirty six year Kabita Karki from Bande Gaon, Sindhupalchowk who could not get out of her house fast enough during the earthquake. She was crushed by the ceiling beam as her house fell around her. She was pulled from the debris, put in the back of a water truck and brought to the hospital by her seventeen year old son. Kabita has injuries on her head and back. She cannot move from the waist down and is currently being cared for in the hospital. She and her son are waiting for her husband who is currently working as a labourer in Qatar.'
Kabita Karki, Bande Gaon, Sindhupalchowk
5th May 2015


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