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Completed and Under Construction Buildings of Dhulikhel Hospital & It's Outreach Centres

A. Dhulikhel Hospital

A. Dhulikhel Hospital

OPD Building

The eight storied building including two basement floors completed and all the OPD's shifted in this building and functions.


Birthing Centre/Women's Centre

After completion of the lowermost floor (Level -3.00), Gyne/Obs ward is functioning in this floor since a year. Two lower floors (Level -2.00 & -1.00) have also been completed recently and whole Gyne/Obs department including its O.T.'s have been functioning in this floors.
Construction of ground floor (Level ±0.00) with structural and finishing works and structural parts only of remaining floors (Levels +1.00, +2.00 and +3.00) have just commenced.




After completion of the ground floor, the Dental department is functioning in this floor since 2 years, construction of first floor with structural and all the finishing works and structural parts only of second and third floor have just been completed.

Forensic and Medical Toxicology

On 26th January 2016, there was foundation stone laying function of Forensic building at Dhulikhel Hospital premises by Dr Raj Kumar Karki, Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine which comprises of mortuary room, cold chamber room with other offices and department.



E+W Wirth Hostel

The Hostel building for the patient's visitors is fully functioning form 2016.

Guest house

Underground R.C.C. Water Tanks:

Construction of a 300,000 liters capacity underground reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C.) Water Tank in between Dental Block and Skill Lab building has been completed and installation pumps, piping works and pump house are in progress.Also, construction of another underground R.C.C. Water Tank of 50,000 liters capacity is under construction in front of New Ward Extension building.


Manekharka Health Centre

Manekharka Health Center is located at Thangpalkot VDC, Manekharka, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. It comprises ground floor and first floor constructed in two phases, Ground floor for medical services and first floor for staff accommodation. Both the phases has been recently completed and on full phase operational form.


Phalebas Health Center

Phalebas Health Center is located at Khanigau VDC- 2, Phalebas, Parbat, Nepal. In connection of expanding Community Programs of Dhulikhel Hospital, Phalebas Health Center is the latest Outreach Center which is under construction. In the first phase Ground Floor & Staircase cover (total 239.45 sq.m) is being constructed consisting Ward male & female, OPD, Pharmacy, Lab, X-ray room & Operation theatre will be constructed. The scheduled date of completion is January, 2015.

Phalebas Final

Kattike Deurali Health Centre

Kattike Deurali Health Center is located at eastern part of the Kavre District. It was completed and inaugurated e six months back and is in full operational form.

Kattike Deurali