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Training of Trainers on Diabetes Education for Nurses Nurse-led continuum of care approach for addressing diabetes in Nepal Dhulikhel Hospital

diabetes education for nurse

Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital (DH-KUH) conducted a 9-day Training of Trainer (TOT) on "Diabetes Education for Nurses" from 16th June to 25th June 2019 under the project titled “Nurse-led continuum of care approach for addressing diabetes in Nepal” in collaboration of World Diabetes Foundation (WDF). The aim of the project is to develop a nurse-led model for diabetes care with continuum care approach.

The main objective of the training session was to build a capacity of nurses to become a diabetes nurse educator trainer and to conduct community events (screening and awareness) and diabetes sessions in clinical set up.

The courses were delivered by 15 master trainers for nine days. Prof. Dr. Pradeep Krishna Shrestha [Head of Department, Internal Medicine, Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH)], Dr. Ishwor Prasad Upadhyaya [Master trainer, National Health Training Center (NHTC), Prof. Dr. Rajendra Koju [Cardiologist, DH-KUH cum Dean, Kathmandu Univesity School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)], Dr. Ram Bahadur Gurung (Head of Department, Internal Medicine, DH-KUH), Dr. Sony Shakya Shrestha (Head of Department, Department of Pharmacology, DH-KUH), Dr. Anmol Shrestha (General Practitioner, DH-KUH), Dr. Rajendra Tamrakar (Consultant, DH-KUH), Dr. Angira Shrestha (Opthalmologist, DH-KUH), Dr. Robin Man Karmacharya (Cardiothoracic surgeon, DH-KUH), Dr. Kunta Devi Pun (Director, Nursing Program, KUSMS), Ms. Subasna Makaju Shrestha (Deputy matron, DH-KUH), Ms. Sanju Shrestha (Nutritionist, DH-KUH), Ms. Nistha Shrestha (Physiotherapist, DH-KUH), Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya (Diabetes Educator, DH-KUH) and Mr. Ravi Karmacharya (Managing Director, Wiseyak Company Private Limited) covered their respective contents according to their expertise. Each session was concluded by presenting token of appreciation to the master trainers and collecting feedback.

There were 11 participants with a mixture of nursing and health education background with involvement in diabetes education and management. The participants were Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya, PhD candidate in Global Health; Ms. Subina Manadhar and Ms. Rashmi Maharjan with masters degree; Ms. Geeta Bhaila, Ms. Sahina Maharjan, Ms. Prathana Deoju and Ms. Matina Bajracharya with bachelor’s degree; Ms. Sarita Maiya Duwal, Ms. Saru Rana Magar, Ms. Manisha Humagain with certificate level degree; and Ms. Ritu Manandhar who has completed health assistant level.

Theoretical classes were followed by practical skill sessions related to Diabetes care. The trainees were directly involved in developing audio-visual aids in order to conduct the counseling sessions to the patient and family members, observed counseling sessions conducted by the master trainer, learned about the Electronic Health Record (EMR) system as the recording and reporting of the awareness and screening program. This system will be used to fulfill the continuum of care approach from detection of diabetes in community to their continuous follow up in the health center. The whole training process had pretest and the final tests, micro-teaching and stimulatory counseling sessions. The whole 9-day training was co-ordinated by Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya (WDF project co-ordinator, WDF project) under keen supervision of Dr. Biraj Man Karmacharya [WDF project leader cum Chief, Department of Community Programs (DCP)] and Dr. Abha Shrestha (WDF project core member, DCP cum Lecturer, KUSMS).

The closing session was chaired by Madam Bishnu Singh (Matron, DH-KUH) and Dr. Kunta Devi Pun (Director, Nursing Program, KUSMS). The participants were given certificate of participation in the closing session and they will be given certificate of trainer after conducting two training sessions to other nurses. These trained diabetes nurse educators will be responsible for continuum care approach for addressing diabetes care. Overall, the training session has been valued and accepted, which otherwise would not have been possible without the support, coordination and cooperation from different departments of Dhulikhel Hospital, WDF team and the enthusiastic participants.

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