Clinical Biochemistry

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry provides qualitative and quantitative testing facility for a wide range of core biochemistry and specialized investigations in bodily fluids such as blood, serum or plasma, urine, & other bodily fluids. Comprehensive state-of-the-art technology (fully automated instruments), highly standardized procedures, meticulously documented quality control, extremely competent laboratory staff, relevant, accurate and timely results set Department of Clinical Biochemistry right at the forefront of diagnostic laboratories in Nepal. At present we do nearly 165 different analytes (tests) and many of the tests services provided are not offered elsewhere in Nepal. Our faculties are involved in teaching and mentoring undergraduates (medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy & human biology) students in biochemistry subjects including molecular biology and genetics and interdisciplinary research with clinical staff. Besides that, they participate and contribute to local, national and international scientific meetings, congress and conferences.

Patient Care:

Dedicated Quality Assured Service:

Laboratory set up:

For Routine biochemical and few special parameters:

For Immunological & Special parameters:

Point-of-care testing (POCT) device:

Our faculties are continuously involve in teaching-learning activities for medical undergraduates (MBBS & BDS), Nursing undergraduates (B Sc in Nursing & Bachelor in Nursing) and paramedical undergraduates (B Sc in Human biology & Bachelor in Physiotherapy) at Kathmandu University, School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS) thorough theory classes, practical classes, demonstration classes, and clinical laboratory exposure supervision.
Research and Significant Achievements:
The faculties are also engaged in applied research and have been the most productive department with successful and ongoing researches that have already got national as well as international acclaim. The researchers are focused on acute and chronic liver diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, thyroid dysfunction and other endocrine disorders, biomarkers & total quality management (TQM) in laboratory medicine and have several publications in international and national journals. A faculty has also led numerous national and international level workshops and conferences related to clinical biochemistry, endocrinology & hepatology and have represented this institution in professional forums.
Future Plan:
To establish clinical biochemistry laboratory as paradigm in context of Nepal by: