Physiotherapy in Pediatrics


Pediatric physiotherapy is the specialty of physiotherapy in which physiotherapy service are provided to pediatric population from 0-18 years. It include service in neonatal ICU, PICU, neonatal ward, pediatric ward and pediatric physiotherapy OPD. In NICU neuro development screening is done for high risk neonates and  treatment like oromotor therapy, early interventions are provided as early as  the first day of  life of baby.

In pediatric ward all kind of physiotherapy service are  provided to all the children from one year to 18 years of age.(ortho, neuro cardio, respiratory, cardio cases) since majority of cases have  respiratory problems, Postural drainage and bronchial hygiene technique are given. Apart from ward service, pediatric physiotherapy OPD has well equipped with physiotherapy ball, bolster, ball pool and therapeutic toys for developmental therapy. Family center assessment for children with Cerebral palsy or any neurological cases are done with intensive 1 hour of physiotherapy treatment is provided to each children.



Bronchial Hygiene Therapy in NICU



Neurodevelopmental Screening