Improved cooking stove (ICS) project has been implemented by DCP with collaboration with Seoul National University (SNU) and Raphael, Korea in the vicinity of Manekharak outreach center Thampalkot-4 village, Sindhupalcwok district. Till date, total 114 households have installed the metallic ICS and 10 more will be installed soon. Furthermore, DCP is planning to explore and measure the effectiveness of ICS in terms of incidence of lower respiratory tract infection and upper respiratory tract infection among under 5 children. ICS with high efficient biomass to energy conversion ratio and with provision to dilute the pollutant in ambient air will be the more practical solution for the prevention of the disease for the current situation. So DCP is planning to install 200 more households by setting study criteria with the mutual understanding of the local authority. DCP had followed/adopted the models promoted by “Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)” i.e. two potholes with grate & ashtray.