Team Leader’s Message

Dr. Ram KM Shrestha

Executive Director

My life has been guided with a simple principle: at every moment, in whatever circumstances life presents, strive to do the best I can to make the lives of others a little better. Twenty-five years ago, we founded Dhulikhel Hospital (DH) with this spirit. Our vision ‘Quality Health Service to the Poor’ was grand but our beginning was modest. Our dreams were ambitious, but our actions were humble. For 25 years, we have been touching lives and bringing smiles to their faces. Almost 50,000 mothers have given birth here. Almost 10 million patients have regained their health here. Almost 2000 students have graduated in different disciplines. Our hospital blazes new paths in health science education, research, and innovation in health care delivery. As a government- designated site for the national health insurance program, it is one of the largest hospitals serving the nation. As a University Hospital of Kathmandu University, it provides world-class health training.

As I look back, this has been a beautiful journey—a journey energized by a united mission, unwavering team spirit, untiring dedication, and unparalleled partnerships. This is a moment to thank and congratulate each other and to renew our commitment and eagerness for new journeys ahead. Many new paths await. We shall journey together, as a Dhulikhel Hospital family. A family with a commitment to quality and building each other’s capacity, A family fostering collaborations and advancing education, A family enhancing research and dedicated to changing lives. I urge you all to join hands, to chart the course for the upcoming voyage. Together, we shall sail through unchartered territories, discover hidden lands, and, with courage and hard work, claim new victories.