The continuum of care targeting mother and child has become a rallying call to be addressed in Nepal. Over the last two decades, Nepal has made substantial progress in maternal, neonatal, and child health in spite of the political and economic turmoil it has experienced. However, despite the progress, Nepal still is one of the countries in the world with very poor maternal and child health. Therefore, the continuity of quality care is necessary throughout the lifecycle of women i.e. during pregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal period, childhood, and adolescence that must be delivered through well-equipped and properly managed clinical-care settings, outpatient, and outreach services.  The DCP is continuously contributing in this area since its establishment and still putting up all its effort to minimizing complexities related to maternal and child health and saving lives

The DCP believes that all the mothers are at a high risk of death on the first days after birth hence believes an integrated service package for mothers, neonates, and children will contribute to minimizing the complications and mortality. And all the babies must be able to grow into children who survive and thrive. Therefore, DCP is providing individual-oriented case management of mothers, babies, and children with illness or complications through facility-based central and 21 outreach clinics and aims to integrate all these services into one umbrella. The DCP is constantly serving all the children from their birth to kindergarten to school age and until they become mothers and grandmothers via school health and women’s health programs.