Strengthening civil society through agriculture entrepreneurship training and health education (SURE) project is a two-year-long community development project implemented by the Department of Community Programs (DCP) at Salambu Health Center, Kavre since January 2016 in collaboration with funding partners Civil Society in Denmark and supporting partner Nepalimed Denmark. The multi-disciplinary project aimed to enhance the capacity of civil society groups and individuals, in a gender-wise and socially inclusive way, to organize an improved ability to bring about local community development with a special focus on sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship for better income, participation, and health practices in the target area.

Five days agriculture entrepreneur training and microfinance program were the main highlights of the project that supported the women to enhance their skills and support for income generation respectively. Community mobilization and participation were highly emphasized during the project for the sustainability of the project with formation of different Civil Societies (CSOs) such as Seering Committee, Pressure Group, Market Management Group, School Heath Club, and Senior Citizen Council. CSO’s comprised of local community members where they meet and provided guidance to the project