Monks’ life is to preserve the doctrine and teaching of Buddha. Buddhism is to free and enlightened all the sentient beings from the samsara of suffering, hatred, jealousy. Despite the fact that monks and nuns live in their own self-sufficient communities in order to focus all of their attention on their Buddhist studies and activities, one must not forget that they are the equal inhabitant of the community and health as their basic right. Karmapa’s Health care project (KHCP) is the result of that beautiful initiation that looks beyond the tip of the iceberg and is still ongoing rapidly since 2005.

KHCP is there to look after the monks, keep them healthy and fit mentally, physically, and socially. Most of the adult monks are healthy enough and taking good care of their own health and physical fitness. Apart from that the little monks and children are always at risk and vulnerable to getting diseases. So, to provide basic healthcare and awareness to the monks and nuns, to educate about the communicable and non-communicable disease also to the community, to provide knowledge and skill about the first aid services, KHCP and DCP had established the clinic at different parts of the country and will be visiting everywhere once a month following Nepali calendar. Specialized health camps and awareness programs were being regularly conducted in all the monasteries.