Prof. Dr. Ramesh Makaju

Administrative Director

Nepal’s pioneering community hospital, Dhulikhel Hospital stands tall and brave acclaimed nationally and internationally for its unique model of service, quality care, and excellent academics and research. 

The vision of Dhulikhel Hospital is to provide affordable quality care for all.

To fulfill this vision Dhulikhel Hospital has set the following five targets:  practice holistic medical care with respect for human dignity;  develop and promote advanced medical care;  foster healthcare professionals with high ethical standards; strengthen collaboration with partners national and international and most importantly, contribute to community service. As a tertiary referral hospital, we have expanded our service beyond medical care to innovative research and academia.

On this 25th anniversary, I would like to thank each and every contributor, our patients, dedicated staffs, the Dhulikhel community, and our collaborators national and international.

Our mission to provide high-quality and affordable care to Nepal’s neediest guided us along a beautiful, unimaginable journey to Dhulikhel Hospital.  Dhulikhel Hospital now serves 2.2 million people all around Nepal through its dedicated 18 rural health centers (including Dolakha Hospital). The hospital has 475 beds, with more than 300 doctors and more than 1300 staffs serving over 100,000 patients each year with pure compassion and dedication.

Tragically, Covid-19 took many lives, testing our patience and strength, but we moved untiringly.

Dhulikhel hospital was the first to provide subsidized testing and initiate free-of-cost testing of COVID-19 at the local municipality recognized by the Ministry of Health and Population. The hospital adopted several strategies to combat the crisis such as the formation of the COVID-19 task force, preparation of guidelines and protocols and its endorsement, telephone-based management of mild cases, triaging, and treatment of moderate to severe cases while observing the infection prevention protocol. Other strategies included isolation and quarantine, case investigation, and contact tracing.  The second wave of Covid hit us harder, the 100 bedded Covid Care Centre ( including 6 ICU and 15 HDU care) managed in the first wave was upgraded to 138 beds with 30 ICU and 60  HDU services. More than 1000 patients received care out of the admitted severe cases, 80% of patients recovered.

Times have changed now, new diseases have emerged and old reemerged, at the same pace modern science has also advanced. With this new era, we continue to move ahead, envisioning a future promoting team spirit, fostering innovation for the good of mankind, and creating a safe environment for our patients, our healthcare workers, and staff to provide unparalleled quality care in Nepal.

We will continue along this journey striving hard to constantly acquire newer knowledge, and skills, always upgrading ourselves to keep pace with what is new in the field. We hope you will extend your continued support to us.