Hands-on workshop on “Diabetic Foot Syndrome”

Department of Surgery, Dhulkhel hospital, organized a one day hands-on workshop on “Diabetic Foot Syndrome” which was attended by sixty participants from twelve different institutions. The participants were internists, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeon, nurses, physiotherapists. The workshop focused on multidisciplinary aspects of Diabetic Foot Syndrome that included preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative modalities along with hands-on session on each of these modalities.

National and international trainers included Dr. Florian Thermann, Dr. Dean Klinger, Dr. Michael Malinowski, Dr. Rajendra Tamrakar, Dr. Shradha Shrestha, Dr. Satish Vaidya, Dr. Nabin B Basnet, Subina Manandhar, Roshani Shrestha, Durga Tiwari, Mira Khatri, Subarna Thapa, Sadhana Shrestha, Manita Nhuchhe, Dr. Robin Man Karmacharya. Inaugural remarks by Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Executive director, Dhulikhel Hospital highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary model to address Diabetic Foot Syndrome and institutions commitment on Vascular surgery education in Nepal.

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Medical College of Wisconsin, USA, Carl-von-Basedow Klinikum, Germany and Vascular Society of Nepal. We would like to extend our gratitude to the coordinators of the program Ms. Kamala Shrestha, Dr. Swechha Bhatt, Dr. Mandeep Guragai, and Dr. Manoj Shrestha.

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