We are very proud of our history and the core values that have contributed to our success in the field of laboratory diagnosis. Microbiology at Dhulikhel Hospital/Kathmandu University Hospital (DH-KUH) is an appropriate and reliable place for proper diseases diagnosis. As a department, our major concern is the provision of excellent laboratory diagnosis services and effective academic environment. We also have discipline, dedication and determination - something that is entirely necessary to the development of the scientific mind.


Our mission is to provide excellent service in the diagnostic arena, along with highest quality of research and education possible in the interdisciplinary fields of Microbiology and immunology in the perform research of international standard and provide education for the production of health manpower with quality and morality.


A. Laboratory Diagnosis Service:-

Quality control (QC) is of utmost priority for us. Since September 2007 external quality control is being addressed in association with National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) and Nepal Tuberculosis Center (NTC). Internal quality control is done regularly by performing culture, biochemical tests and microscopy etc.

 B. Medical Education and Research Activities:-

We have been a part of MBBS, BDS, BPT, B.Sc Nursing and BNS program providing knowledge to students on different aspects of microbiology. We have a strong collaboration with international universities like Mahidol University (MU, Thailand), Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU, Norway). Visiting faculties come to our Hospital to update us with the global scenario of microbiology.

Research is a cornerstone of our academic effort and our research programs in Microbiology and Immunology are increasing. With steadily increasing research values, our work is increasingly breaking new ground.

Microbiology Tests List:

Future Plan: