July 2022

Construction Started in Ward Extension building of Dhulikhel Hospital

The construction works for the extension of Ward Extension Building of Dhulikhel hospital has been started. The executive director of Dhulikhel Hospital Dr. Ram K.M Shrestha visited the site on 7th of July 2022. Dr. Ramesh Makaju, the administrative director of Dhulikhel hospital distributed sanitary equipment to the workers on 10th of July, 2022.A dinner...

Rural Ultrasound Training to Nurses and Midwives

21 days Rural Ultrasound Training to Nurses and midwives of rural health centers of Nepal has been started been started in Dhulikhel hospital. The training is a part of the MoU signed between the Health ministry of Bagmati Province and Dhulikhel hospital. Hon. Minister of health, Bagmati province Mr. Nima lama inaugurated the program and...

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Deputy Mayor visited Dhulikhel Hospital

Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ms. Sunita Dangol visited Dhulikhel hospital on 20th of July 2022. She was accompanied by Mayor of Dhulikhel Mr. Ashok Kumar Byanju and delegates from Kathmandu Metropolitan City.