Internal Medicine

The department of Internal medicine was established since 1996 from the very beginning of the Dhulikhel hospital. This department supports the principles of hospital and aims to provide quality health care to the patients through qualified medical and nursing staffs. The department has ensured that medical knowledge is up-to-date and also focuses on regular upgrading. The department now has one professor, one associate professor and two assistant professors, including two cardiologists, two gastroenterologists, one neurologist, one endocrinologist and four MD internal medicine doctors.
A. Outpatient services:
The department of internal medicine has been providing regular outpatient services through its general OPD clinic, cardiology clinic, gastroenterology clinic, neurology clinic and gastroenterology clinic from 9 AM to 4 PM, six days a week. Before the OPD closes in the evening, all the patients are reexamined with their investigation reports. This allows fewer visits by the patients and earlier initiation of quality treatment.
B. Emergency services:
The department of internal medicine provides an efficient 24 hour emergency service. Appropriate investigations are sent and management is initiated. Patients are followed up, given advices, can be admitted or discharged.
C. Inpatient services:
The department has well equipped general medical ward with well-trained staffs through which it provides its service. It also has intensive care unit for critically ill patients.
D. Patient education and counseling:
Apart from its medical services, department of internal medicine is regularly providing patient education regarding chronic diseases like COPD, diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. Through these programs patients are educated about their disease conditions, possible complications, drugs and insulin administration techniques, dietary habits and medical nutritional therapy.
E. Cardiology:
The department has well equipped Cath-lab providing regular angiography and angioplasty services. Apart from that echocardiography, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, treadmill testing, Holter monitoring etc, services are also available. Apart from the services in hospital, the department is actively participating in programs creating public awareness regarding cardiac diseases and screening school children for rheumatic heart diseases.
F. Gastroenterology:
The department has two gastroenterologists running regular services. Starting of ERCP service has made the department one of the top referral centers of the country receiving patients from over the whole country. The department is fully equipped with technologies like argon laser and provides regular and emergency endoscopic interventional services like foreign body removal, variceal band ligation, clipping, sclerotherapy etc.
G. Respiratory:
The department has been conducting COPD clinic since the hospital has opened in 1996. We have large number of COPD patients visiting the hospital. Regular medications and regular education about the disease are provided. Other respiratory care includes pulmonary function testing, diagnostic bronchoscopy (bronchoscopic biopsy, bronchoalveolar lavage, brushing), domiciliary oxygen services for patients and Bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) facilities. Recently pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD patients has also been started.
H. Nephrology:
The department has been providing hemodialysis services for chronic renal failure patients as well as acute renal failure patients. Hemodialysis facility can also be provided for ventilated patients in ICU.
I. Endocrinology:
The department has started providing endocrinology services on regular basis. It also conducts diabetic clinic providing comprehensive care for the diabetic patients.
J. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) clinic:
The department has been providing antiretroviral therapy for the HIV/AIDS patients through well trained doctors and nurses. It also provides comprehensive care for the people living with HIV.
K. Neurology:
The department will be starting a regular neurology clinic from the July 2014 and a separate neurology unit for inpatients.
L. Academic activities:
The department regularly teaches MBBS, Bsc. Nursing, Bachelor in Nursing Sciences, Bachelor in Dental Surgery, Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Bachelor in Pharmacology students. The department also conducts extensive academic discussions for post graduate students and interns on regular basis.
M. Community services:
The department of internal medicine provides regular OPD services in the different outreach centers of Dhulikhel hospital. Apart from these regular services the department also conducts medical camp at different rural areas along with the help of community department.