Department Of Dermatology

Founded in 2004, the division of dermatology at Dhulikhel Hospital has evolved into the only one of its kind, offering care for the entire spectrum of skin disorders and venereal diseases. The department provides a highly specialized care for medical and surgical dermatology problems and is fully facilitated with highly advanced equipment’s, qualified doctors and staffs. The prime goal of the department is to offer each patient a precise diagnosis and customized treatment plan employing the latest advancements in knowledge and technology to minimize the recovery period. Apart from the quality for patient care, the department is actively dedicated in a spectrum of academic and research activities to perpetuate advances in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.
We have extended and updated our services and possibilities as per the time call. Department of Dermatology has been a pivotal part of Dhulikhel hospital with plans for extension in the near future.

Department of Dermatology


  • Dr. Aditi Mishra

  • Dr. Manisha Singh Basukala

  • Dr. Elisha Shrestha