Anesthesiology And Critical Care

The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Dhulikhel Hospital is dedicated for quality and safe anesthesia delivery. For this, Dhulikhel Hospital has consistently invested on the necessary technology and human resources. 

Our services are spread over a wide spectrum in operation theatres, procedure rooms, endoscopy and endo-urology, critical care, radio-imaging and outreach clinics. These areas are well equipped with high-end anesthesia workstations, facilities for invasive pressure monitoring systems like invasive blood pressure, central venous pressures and intracranial pressures and gas monitoring systems. 


  • Perioperative care:

We run 12 operating rooms and 3 procedure rooms in different areas of the hospital. We deliver state of art anesthetic care by providing patient warming systems and temperature management, intensive monitoring with multi-gas analyzers and ventilator parameters, and multimodal analgesia. Routine use of real-time ultrasonography for regional blocks and vascular access adds safety and quality to our service. Safe management of difficult airway is aided by the use of standard practices like flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy and video laryngoscopy. 

  • Critical care service

We operate 13 bed adult Intensive Care Unit for trauma, post-surgical and medical patients. All beds are equipped with air-mattress, high-end infusion systems, mechanical ventilation and invasive pressure monitoring systems. Additionally, the unit is also well resourced with its own dedicated renal replacement therapy, patient warming systems, transvenous/transcutaneous pacing, bronchoscopy, ultrasound, echocardiography, and cardiac output monitoring systems.

  • Pain management

Acute pain care is provided with multimodal analgesia supplemented by neuraxial or other regional blocks like abdominal wall blocks or extremity blocks. We also have provision for patient controlled analgesia. Chronic pain procedures  like epidural steroid injection is regularly performed by our department.

  • Emergency care and resuscitation 

Basic and advanced airway management, mechanical ventilation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, vascular access, volume resuscitation and hemodynamic management are examples of acute care and resuscitation that we provide in wards, dialysis, cath lab or emergency room whenever necessary.

  • Day care surgery 

With the use of short acting modern anesthetic agents having minimal hangover and emesis, together with good analgesia, we are able to promote day care surgical services to more and more surgical patients.

  • Community service 

Since 2020 we have extend our 24 hours services in one of our remote hospitals in Dolakha for anesthetic and critical care services. We also provide perioperative care for surgical camps conducted in our outreach clinics and remote areas of the country.

Academic activities:

The department regularly teaches MD, MBBS, BSc nursing and BNS students. 

Apart from this, the department runs many academic workshops:

  • Workshops on ultrasound guided regional anesthesia
  • Workshop on point of care ultrasound for critical care
  • Emergency Room Trauma Course (ERTC)
  • Primary Trauma Care Course (PTC)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Andvanced Life support (ALS)
  • ALERT course (Acuter Life-threatening Event Recognition and treatment) 
  • Difficult Airway workshop 
Anesthesiology and Critical Care


  • Prof. Dr. Jeevan Singh

  • Dr. Sangina Ranjit

  • Dr. Om Sundar Shrestha

  • Dr. Mankamana Dwa

  • Dr. Ashish Shrestha

  • Dr. Alex Tandukar

  • Dr. Kalpana Kharbuja

  • Dr. Sameer Shakya

  • Dr. Bibek Shrestha

  • Dr. Manisha Shrestha

  • Dr. Ishwor Kumar Pun

  • Dr. Chunauti Dangi