Dhulikhel hospital has been providing 24-hour emergency services since the year of its establishment. We care for any emergency conditions irrespective of age and acuity of illnesses. We understand that being inside an emergency department is stressful for patients and we strive for the best possible care for all patients with a holistic approach. 



  • To provide accessible, high-quality care for non-urgent to life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
  • To provide prompt, holistic care appropriate to the age and acuity, regardless of the nature of their visit.



The emergency department provides emergency services round-the-clock. General Practitioner/Emergency physician coverage and specialty consultation are available in all services. The department is staffed with medical officers, emergency nurses, and paramedics with specialized training and certification to provide cardiac life support, resuscitation, triage, primary emergency care, trauma, and critical care. 



Our innovative emergency triage procedures ensure that our patients are seen by a nurse and/or physician within minutes of their arrival. The assessment and treatment start as soon as the patient steps into the emergency department by a designated triage nurse. He or she assesses how serious the condition is and categorizes the patients into 4 levels which guides further treatment according to the disease acuity. 

Level1 (Red): Immediate life-threatening

Level2 (Orange): Emergency, could become life-threatening

Level 3 (Yellow): Urgent, not life-threatening

Level 4 (Green): Non-urgent.



The emergency department sees approximately 10,000 patients per year. The majority of these patients require immediate evaluation and stabilization. The Emergency Department provides evaluation and care to any individual who presents irrespective of their age and acuity. We follow updated protocols for the evaluation and stabilization of the patient. 

Our “shock room” or “Red area” is fully equipped for rapid response at all levels of emergency management—from assessments through trauma, and acute and critical care. 

Our department utilizes point of care ultrasound (POCUS) as a clinical tool in critical patients without additional financial burden to the patients.


We have established a pre-hospital medical service Dhulikhel Emergency Medical Services (DEMS) from May of 2013. We have been providing Ambulance Service staffed with trained paramedics, emergency drugs and equipment. People are getting this service without extra economic burden. Till date more than 500 patients have benefitted from the services.



The Postgraduate program for General Practice (MDGP) under KU was started under our department from  2017 which has now extended to other KU affiliated colleges. We have developed and implemented  the MDGP curriculum in Kathmandu University. The curriculum and logbook was designed in a unique way by incorporating the components of “competency-based medical education”. The focus of the post-graduate program is not only limited to the medical expertise but also other competency domains like communication, leadership, professionalism, scholarship, collaboration and health advocacy, which are vital for a competent GP specialist.



The  ICM (introduction to clinical medicine) curriculum has been updated and the GPEM department is currently responsible for overseeing the teaching activities.  The medical and nursing intern students are supervised during their postings in the department. Likewise, international students and faculties visit us regularly.


  • Advanced interdisciplinary Emergency Ultrasound Workshop
  • Basic Emergency Medical Technician Training (Faculties as course developers)
  • Basic Life Support
  • Basic Ultrasound Workshop
  • Emergency Room Trauma Course 
  • In situ ED simulation sessions
  • Primary Emergency Care (Faculties as course developers)

Features Of ER

  • Separate gynecological and obstetrical examination room with newborn resuscitation facility
  • 12 examination beds equipped with cardiac monitor, center supply of oxygen and suction ports.
  • Wide space in front of the department for easy access for ambulances.
  • Procedure room capable to perform minor surgery under general anesthesia equipped with two ventilators.
  • Centrally located with easy access to the departments of trauma, labour room, ICU, Operation theatre.
  • One trauma shock room equipped with the advanced medical technologies.
  • Bedside portable radiology service including X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Comfortable counselling room for gender violence victims.
  • Staff duty room located inside the department for easy availability of medical personals round the clock.
Emergency Department


  • Prof. Dr. Roshana Shreshta

  • Dr. Sanu Krishna Shrestha

  • Dr. Anmol Purna Shrestha

  • Dr. Samjhana Basnet

  • Dr. Shailesh Prasad Shrestha